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5 deadly SEO mistakes

SEO or search engine optimization is not an easy process, and business owners always get confused with it, As we mentioned in our previous blogs, – how to pick the right SEO company- Still a lot of businesses struggle financially at the beginning and try to do SEO themselves, especially with how expensive any service in Dubai is.

So I have pointed out the common mistakes that you should avoid while trying to manage your SEO:

1- Don’t give it a high priority 
2- Trying to get too much into it
3- Duplicated content 
4- Not updating your knowledge 
5- Choosing the wrong keywords

We will go over them one by one, But always remind yourself you are a business owner, you have a business to run, your job is not only to show organically on Google and to do SEO, this is just a part that will help you drive more customers to your business.

Don’t give high priority to your SEO in Dubai.

In the Dubai market showing on Google is a must for every business, not only because Google gets you business but also because of the fact that people are coming to Dubai from all over the world and they are always searching before they even reach Dubai, and also because of the different cultures in Dubai, that makes it easier for customers to search on Google for anything they want.

Trying to get too much into SEO

Once you know the importance of SEO in Dubai, normally what happens is that you get too involved in the process, and apart from the fact that is really hard to do Onsite SEO without having coding background, it takes too much time, and it is almost not possible to start learning everything about SEO while running the business.

and even as a business owner the decision to hire an SEO company in Dubai is hard enough because there is a lot of companies out there and it is really hard to pick the best out of all of them.

So taking that decision will already take a lot of time from you.

Duplicated Content :
This is one of the main mistakes that you have to avoid, cause otherwise you will get your website penalized from Google and it will be really hard for you to remove that penalty.
That may get your website not to show on Google at all, which is a disaster for any business.

Not Updating your knowledge:
This is one of the very important factors and as a business owner, I understand why you don’t do this, simply because you got no free time. 

Normally you are running your business, trying to do your best to make sure you are getting new sales and new clients, and the last thing you want to do is to keep researching every day on the new SEO updates.
However Google is changing the SEO process every single day, and that makes it hard for you to do it yourself, you need to work on your website every single day.

And implement the new changes quickly before anyone else does it before you.

Choosing the wrong keywords:
Choosing the keywords and doing the right keyword research is really crucial to have a successful SEO campaign.
You can never compete straight away on the high searched volume keywords you have to take it step by step, first, target the long tailed keywords and then move to the high searched terms after you have done all the major work.

So as an example you can choose SEO management Melbourne as a keyword before SEO Melbourne.

That is our strategy and lucky enough it worked now if you check SEO management Melbourne we are on page 1. SEO Melbourne we are on page 2.

And we have done it in Dubai, PPC management Dubai, and then we can target SEO Dubai an so on.

Bottom Line, you can do your own SEO, but because of the time and effort that you need to put in, we recommend that you choose a good SEO company that can do the work on your behalf and once you see the success you will know the value of that company to your business.

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