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Spent too much money on keywords you don’t want? Your current agency are not up to their word? Your Adwords campaign is not yield the revenue you expected? Mr SEO Dubai reporting for duty!

Our PPC Management Dubai

Mr SEO Dubai offers a comprehensive solution for your PPC campaign. All of our campaigns regarding of budget, follow the same standard procedure set by our cumulative experience of over 12 years in the field of paid advertising. You can rely on us to get sync you using the keywords your business desperately needs.
You would also be receiving weekly reports about your AdWords campaign. In addition, our dedicated account managers are keeping themselves updated with your Adwords Campaign. With Mr SEO Dubai, you will be receiving daily calls from our account managers telling you about the current daily standing.

Quality Score Analysis

Quality score analysis is one of the most important elements in the Adwords Campaign Management.
It analysis the relevancy of your keywords as well as the density of your website.
It’s scored on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. Till now, the exact algorithm remains in shadows but it’s basic arithmetic equation is there for everyone to use.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns yield higher Website Traffic compared to the organic Search Engine Optimization method.
It relies on the number of clicks your advertisement gets in contrast with your pre-set budget.
It also guarantees a higher rate of conversion and is a reliable way to conduct a marketing research.

PPC Management Dubai PPC Management Dubai

Tried everything and still cant get your campain score up??

Some technical aspects of your website can sometimes lower your campain score.Mr.SEO Dubai also offers web design in dubai service wich can help make your website optimal for your adwords campaign.
Or maybe you are tired of paying for an adwords campaign and wanna start ranking organicly we can help with that too

Start Ranking Organicly Optimize Your Site

Is PPC important?

Well, we at Mr SEO Dubai can’t find a better answer than “HELL YEAH”.
Pay-Per-Click is technically inexpensive, yet not cheap.
It is important that you find a company that utilizes AdWords Campaign Management in using a tactical approach.
Mr SEO Dubai offers you a high ROI using AdWords.
Because we get you on the keywords that actually matter!


Are The Benefits Of An AdWords Campaign?

Starting your AdWords campaign is not just advertising.
With Google AdWords, you receive specific reports about your campaign.
Also known as campaign monitoring. With PPC, you have the advantage of having insight for your audience.
You get to track your traffic by country, age and preferences.
Google AdWords also offers you incentives if you receive a good quality score. The incentives are presented in lower cost per clicks and a discount on your keywords. Trust us, it makes a huge difference if you become Google’s favorite Advertiser!

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For more information about how to make the most out of Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our account manager at Mr SEO Dubai.

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AdWords Management Dubai is arguably the most efficient method to make the most out of a budget campaign. It’s not just about fast ROI or higher Website Traffic. Data is treasure!

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