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Why is Internal Linking Important for my SEO?

We at MrSEODubai have been Applying SEO Best Practices for as long as time could tell.  Internal Linking is the way you fuse your sites for the visitors so that an easy interface to discover what they are searching for is constructed with integrity. Rather than a legitimate, drop down menu, or looking down between different menus, clients will probably […]

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How To: Optimize Your Website Speed And Performance in 11 Steps? (VOL.3)

8- Content Font Performance & Website Speed   Now regarding Website Speed, I highly think that you don’t know this, The choice of font actually affects the overall performance. Google offers a variety of fonts that are attractive and stylish. But make no mistake, the choice you make whether it was Roboto or Arial, contributes to your overall Website Speed.   […]

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  We’re now living in the age of Digital Information where we wake up every day to a seemingly overwhelming stream of Multimedia Information. In 2016, it is estimated that there around 2.1 BILLION smartphones in hand. Can you imagine the amount of information being received and transmitted? With this number of smartphones and users searching for almost everything, online […]