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Are Links Still Important To Your Organic Search Rankings? Best SEO Experts In Dubai Answer

Some people believe that links aren’t important to SEO today because spammers have made them less useful as a ranking signal.

Actually, in 2012 google detects this problem and starts to find solutions to this problems by upgrading its algorithms to take actions to those spammers.

The reason that makes Google improve its algorithms and why the manual penalties exist is the links are still one of the most important factors to your page ranking.


Why Google still considering links as a key signal

The reason that makes links still one of the most valuable factors between hundreds is that there is no other ranking signal on the web that shares the same properties as links.

Implementing links requires an investment

Investment here means the time taken to create the link not the type of investments that involves buying links.

The process of building a link should take time to discover the content and evaluate it to know whether you will implement a link to it on the webpage or not.

Links are a public agreement

Best SEO Companies in Dubai chooses carefully what content to link as linking content is considered as an agreement that you trust that content as a resource when you link to it and your endorsement will be a permanent one as this link remains in place over time without being altered on the page.

On the other hand, it’s totally different compared to a link in a social media post as the nature of social media platforms is renewable.


You are suggesting to someone that they leave your site

Adding a link on your website means that you are inviting users to leave your site, the thing that makes you must evaluate the content that you are willing to link in order to make visitors believe that they will benefit by the goodwill you build.

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